Thursday, October 3, 2013

The Wilhelm Scream is stock sound footage that has long been an inside joke amongst movie sound editors and has crept into every imaginable corner of Hollywood. It often accompanies a character being shot, falling from a height, or being thrown by an explosion. Once you hear it, it's impossible to miss it. The unifying factor of all of the movies in this list is that they contain the Wilhelm Scream, originally created for the film Distant Drums in 1951 and propagated greatly be Stephen Spielberg and George Lucas.

Thursday, June 6, 2013

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Modern Takes on Sherlock Holmes
It seems that recently there has been a resurgence in interest about Sir Arthur Conan Doyle's classic cold, analytic sleuth Sherlock Holmes. On this list are a few modern re-imaginings of the beloved character.

This is the first in Fawcett's Mycroft Holmes series for readers who are interested in exploring the life of Sherlock's lesser known brother. Click on the author's name to view other installments in the series.

This book is part of Kurland's Professor Moriarty series. Click on the author's name to view other installments in the series.

A collection of original short stories featuring Holmes by beloved modern authors including Neil Gaiman and Elizabeth Bear.

Holmes comes to America.

A collection of original stories featuring Holmes.

You couldn't possibly go wrong with Robert Downy Jr. and Jude Law, but the fact that they're immortalizing the great Sherlock Holmes and Dr. Watson definitely enhances the experience. There are two sequels to this film.

This BBC series is an excellent modern retelling of some of Conan Doyle's most famous plots including a Study in Scarlet and the Hound of the Baskervilles.

The first in a series about two brothers who run a law office in Baker Street and begin receiving letters addressed to Holmes. Click on the author's name to view other installments in the series.

This is the first in King's series featuring Mary Russel and Sherlock Holmes. Click on the author's name to view more recent installments.

Wednesday, June 5, 2013

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Great Workout Music
Are you are looking for music to drive your exercise beyond its routine and help you pick up the pace? These are the top 10 workout songs for September 2012, according to the votes they received on the website, where anyone can list and vote on their favorite workout tunes. They are listed here by album with the song title and beats per minute in the annotation. We've also included links to even more great music to sweat. (We Are Spartacus/Ms_Fitz)

#1 Where Have You Been – 127 BPM

#2 We Run the Night by Havana Brown & Pitbull – 136 BPM

#3 Part Of Me – 128 BPM

#4 Brokenhearted – 128 BPM

#5 50 Ways to Say Goodbye – 139 BPM

#6 Pound the Alarm – 125 BPM

#7 Don’t Wake Me Up – 128 BPM

#8 Lights – 125 BPM

#9 Without You (with Usher) - 128 BPM

#10 Blown Away – 138 BPM